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I am an artist with architectural designer background. Now I live and do my creative artworks In Seattle, WA. I want to design art to help people to express their personalities. Build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and beauty to people’s lives. There are four design lines that I spend my time for developing each one.

          Contemporary Furniture Design


          Decorative Art

          Bronze Pendant


I have had several of my art pieces displayed in art shows. In 2019, had personal exhibitions in Redmond, WA and downtown Seattle, WA as well as in New Milford, NJ.

My artworks are highly valued by art critics and by art professionals and are included in private collections.

As an architectural designer have over 10 years of experience working in the architecture, interior and graphic design industry.

Areas of expertise are:

          Interior Design

          Digital and Environmental Graphic Design


I hold my M.S. in Architecture and PhD. in Sustainable Architecture from National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. I have worked as an Associate Professor.  Have conducted special courses for post-graduate students and not only on the topic of Green Roofs, Rain Gardens and Pollinator Habitats. I am the author of around ten publications and also supervised seminars and made presentations on the subject of Sustainable Architecture.


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